Will L’Oreal Miss Manga Rock Mascara rock your eyelash world?

It’s been said before- the search for the perfect, “the one” mascara never stops. I might already have a favorite, yet I am always hoping that one day I will find something even better.

Heart Breaker (11 of 39)When I saw L’Oreal Miss Manga Rock mascara I purchased The Blackest Black Waterproof version right away. You might remember the previous version Miss Manga mascara released about a year ago (you can read my full review here). I did like it although it never became my favorite and with The Rock version I didn’t have very high expectation either.

L’Oreal Miss Manga Rock promises “a spiked overloaded volume on top and bottom for lashes with a rebellious rock attitude”. Since I liked the previous version, I thought that this one will be even better. Who doesn’t like a volume overload on their lashes, right? Tie Dye (7 of 9)

The good:
I really like the brush! It’s a silicone, bendable, slightly tapered brush with short sparse spikes. It allows for an extremely easy application and I am able to reach even the shortest lashes without any effort. Since the brush is tapered, there is no problem with the mascara smudging when applied to the shorter lashes and I don’t have to worry about it accidentally touching my eyelid. The mascara coats my lashes evenly and two coats give me a satisfactory look, it doesn’t clamp either.

I also compared the brush to the regular Miss Manga mascara and as you can see the original wand is quite different. It has more spikes that gradually get longer allowing for an even application. Manga-Comp

The mascara does deliver in terms of being waterproof, there is absolutely no smudging and it stays put till I remove it in the evening.

The bad:
Miss Manga Rock mascara doesn’t promise a natural lash look so it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. With the previous version I actually really liked the spiked look with my lashes sticking together a little bit. With this one though, I can’t even see that effect. The finished result is quite natural,  my lashes have a nice length, they are evenly coated but they lack the promised volume. There is definitely no rocked-out look I was hoping for. It’s just a regular everyday mascara for me that doesn’t even come close to my favorite drugstore mascara Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies.

Below you can compare the effect for yourself- my bare lashes vs. lashes with two coats of Miss Manga Rock. miss manga closedmiss manga open

Like I mentioned before, the version I purchased is a waterproof one and while it is smudge-proof indeed, it’s really difficult to remove, even with my favorite Garnier Cleansing Oil. However, this was the issue I had with the regular Miss Manga version too.

Ultimately, I’d say that L’Oreal Miss Manga Rock mascara is an ok everyday mascara that lengthens your lashes, separates them nicely and makes them look darker but doesn’t deliver any significant volume or a dramatic effect. The original Miss Manga mascara was much better and unique in my opinion and I was a big fan of the slightly spiked look it delivered. With this one, I feel like all the promises are just a marketing trick and while I will continue using it for an everyday natural look till I finish it, I can’t see myself repurchasing it in the future.

L’Oreal Miss Manga Rock mascara is sold at drugstores nationwide. I purchased mine at Walgreens for $8.99.

What are your thoughts on Miss Manga Rock mascara? Have you tried it yet? Did you like the original Miss Manga mascara?

the founder and editor of Her and Makeup.