Pick Your Weapon- Powder or Liquid Foundation?

Less-Is-More vsFrom the moment I started wearing makeup liquid foundation has always been my choice. I find it easier to apply than powder foundation, it provides better coverage and it’s easily buildable. Also, there are many more liquid foundations on the market so picking your shade is quite easy these days. For years I have been faithful to my favorite Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation and I still wear it most of the days. Recently, Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet ┬áhas been one of my favorites too.

Miccelar (5 of 11)So for me, the answer to today’s question is pretty simple and straightforward. However, recently I tried a new powder foundation and I am really impressed with it. itCosmetics Celebration Foundation Illumination is supposed to be “a full coverage anti-aging illuminating foundation.” It does provide full coverage. It comes with a small flat brush that makes applying this foundation absolutely effortless. In under one minute my face has an even finish, all the blemishes and redness are covered.

Miccelar (7 of 11)It has smooth and silky texture and the powder sticks well to the brush. The finish is rather matte and, to be honest, I don’t notice a lot of illuminating features of this foundation, as the name would suggest. Also, I have not used it long enough to determine if it meets its anti-aging claim.

All in all, I really like itCosmetics Celebration Foundation Illumination. Did it convert me to become a powder foundation girl? Probably not, but it does get high ratings in my books and I will be more willing to try some other powder foundations on the market.

Now it’s your turn. Do you prefer liquid or powder foundation? Which one is easier to apply? What is your favorite foundation? I can’t wait to hear about your picks.

the founder and editor of Her and Makeup.