Lazy Day Hair

Lazy Hair (3 of 43)Do you know those days when you wake up and all you want to do is chill on the couch with a cup of coffee binge watching the whole season of the highly addictive show on Netflix? You can sit in your PJs all day, not worry about makeup or your hair looking messy. Who doesn’t love such days, right?

However, there are days when you feel lazy and you still need to go out, face the world and look presentable. The hair look I am going to show you today is perfect for those days. No need for washing and styling your hair or using heat tools.

I normally wash my hair every other day and I either straighten or curl it. The day after straightening my hair all I need to do is to run my flat iron through my hair and it looks almost as good as on the first day. When I curled my hair the day before, I usually can’t wear it down the next day because my curls don’t hold that well and some come undone. I can always put my hair in a pony tail but when I do, I always feel like I am going to work out and I don’t feel glamorous.

Lazy Hair (1 of 43)

My second day slightly undone curls

That’s where the inspiration for today’s look came from. It doesn’t require any styling, just some bobby pins. And it’s ready within 5 minutes. I simply grab a thick strand of my hair starting from the top and twist it very loosely and pin it in the back. I repeat the same process on the other side. And then in the back. Lazy Hair (14 of 43)For the hair in the back I take smaller sections of hair and twist them and pin them until all my hair is up. I finish off with a little bit of hair spray to hold everything together throughout the day. The back of the hair looks a bit messy but I think it’s still more elegant and sophisticated than a simple pony tail.  Lazy Hair (7 of 43)Lazy Hair (8 of 43)

I also love this look because right now my hair is at that annoying length in between haircuts when it’s slightly too long to look the way I want it, too short to braid it and my next hair appointment is still two weeks away. And giving your hair a break for heat tools is always good!

I hope you  like this simple hair tutorial and let me know if you try it yourself! What do you do on your lazy hair days? Do you put it in a pony tail or do you have some other tricks up your sleeve? 

the founder and editor of Her and Makeup.