Voluminous Hair in 1,2,3…

Do you remember a TV show Shear Genius? It was a reality show aired on Bravo TV, in which contestants competed with each other to create different hair styles, based on a given theme and time restriction.  In each episode one contestant was eliminated. Kind of like Project Runway but about hair styling. Anyways, the hostess of the show was the model Camila Alves. At the end of each episode she would say in her beautiful Brazilian accent “Remember, hair is important.”

Indeed, hair is really important! I write about makeup most of the time but, to be honest, it probably takes me as much time to style my hair as it does to put on my makeup. And my bathroom counter is overflowing with hair products. Ask my husband- he always gets mad at me when he knocks over the bottles, asking why would anyone ever need that many different styling products. Well, I do!

hair trioRecently, I have been asked a lot of questions on how I style my hair and how come it’s always full of volume. A tutorial video on how I create my loose waves is coming up soon. Today though, I want to tell you about three products that I love that always help me create volume in my hair.

Obsessed (4 of 13)The first one is Herbal Essences Naked Volumizing Souffle. And yes, I first bought it because of the “souffle” in the name. What it is though is just a hair foam. I apply it after I wash my hair and dry it with a towel. I dispense a golf ball size of the product into the palm of my hand and I evenly distribute it through my hair, concentrating on the roots. The product feels very light, it doesn’t weigh down my hair. It has a very refreshing scent of mint and citruses and is silicone and colorant free. And it costs only about $5.00!

Obsessed (5 of 13)Second product comes from L’Oreal Paris and it’s Boost It- High Lift Creation Spray. Another excellent drugstore find that won’t break your bank. It is a finishing spray that to me is a combination of a hair spray and a dry shampoo. I use it after I style my hair, spraying it directly to my roots. I wait a few minutes and then brush my hair. What it does, is add instant volume to my hair and it also holds the style in place longer. Sometimes, I also use it on the second day to build up some volume and refresh my hair. What I like about this spray is that it’s not as strong as a hair spray, my hair is still flowy and bouncy and doesn’t look like I have any product in it.

theorie-001Last but not least, the product that I love the most and I couldn’t imagine being without it. It’s a Theorie Argan Oil Medium Hold Finishing Spray. Until recently I haven’t even heard about Theorie but then I won a bottle of this product from Alison from 10am Beauty. She swears by this spray and is a big fan of the brand. This Argan Oil Finishing Spray is a very lightweight hair spray but it’s enriched with a whole bunch of hydrating ingredients, oils, antioxidants and vitamins. I love using it on my flat ironed hair and I usually spray it to my roots, in layers. The spray adds just the right amount of volume and it holds my hair in place, making it look more healthy and shiny. It also protects hair from the harmful UV rays and humidity and it’s safe for color treated hair. The only drawback is a $32.00 price tag and it’s a little hard to find Theorie products in stores. You can check their website though and learn more about the brand.

These are my three little secrets of how I achieve voluminous hair. What is your secret and what products do you use that add extra volume to your locks?

the founder and editor of Her and Makeup.