Moda Prismatic – The Makeup Brushes That The Beauty World Has Gone Crazy Over

Makeup brushes, although absolutely necessary for makeup application, are something I don’t really get excited about. Sure, I have my favorites that I use on daily basis. My brush collection is not small by any means but I don’t post about brushes or tools because they are simply not a very fascinating subject to me.

However, because I am a beauty blogger and I tend to get sucked into latest beauty trends, when I first saw some pictures of Moda Prismatic Pro Makeup Brushes on Instagram, I made it my personal mission to find them. The beauty world has gone crazy over these beautifully designed brushes. Is it justified though?

Moda brushes are sold at The Evil Empire Walmart and they are made by company called Royal and Langnickel. The Moda Prismatic Pro Makeup Brushes retail for $24.99. For that price you get a set of 4 differently sized oval face brushes.

The oval brushes have become a huge trend in the beauty world in the last months and I remember that when Mac first came out with a few of their own oval brushes I was really perplexed by that unique design.

Visually, these brushes are a thing of beauty.  The handle color of the brush corresponds with the beautiful purple and green color of the hair. The brushes are made of synthetic fiber that is extremely soft and dense. The handles do feel a little flimsy and bendable, however I have been using the brushes for over 3 weeks now and I haven’t head any problems with the handles breaking.

The brushes are meant for use with liquid and cream products and the unique oval shape is supposed to fit the contours of your face resulting in easier makeup application. I do find it to be very true.

The set comes with 4 different size brushes and they all serve different purposes. Below you can see the company’s descriptions.

My favorite brush of the set is the #801 brush. I love applying my foundation with it. It saves me a lot of time and I did notice that it doesn’t soak up as much foundation as my other foundation brushes do. My second favorite is the #804 brush which is very tiny and precise and just perfect for contouring my nose. The #803 brush is perfect for blending out my concealer under my eyes.

Overall, this Moda Prismatic Pro Makeup Brushes get my thumbs up. From the beautiful design, soft and great quality hair to being very practical, I absolutely love them. It’s great to see good quality brushes that are affordable and I get excited every time I get to use them. After testing them for a while I do see why they have become so popular and sought after.

The set is currently sold out on Royal and Langnickel website but you might still be lucky and find this wonderful brush set at your local Walmart store.

What do you think of these Moda Prismatic Brushes? Are you someone who gets excited about makeup tools or do you consider them just a means to get your makeup job done? Would you like to see more makeup tool reviews from me in the future?

the founder and editor of Her and Makeup.