A Fall Makeup Look

Fall 2014 (8 of 22)Have I mentioned how much I love fall? I am sure I have because it’s my absolutely favorite season. I didn’t always like it though. When I lived in Poland it used to be my least favorite season, probably because I lived in a big city and autumn in a city is usually gloomy, grey and rather ugly. However, once I moved to Michigan, it all changed for me and now, every year, I look forward to the beginning of fall.

In today’s post I am going to show you a makeup look, that’s great for fall and that’s inspired by the colors of the season.

Products Fall 2014 (11 of 15)Face:

  • Urban Decay De-Slick Oil- Control Makeup Setting Spray– used as a primer. I love using it as a primer, and not just as a finish spray, I noticed it makes my foundation last longer and it provides a nice matte finish to my skin.
  • Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Fluide in Creme. I received a sample of this foundation at Sephora and I am in love!
  • itCosmetics Celebration Foundation Illumination in Light, applied with a ColorMe powder sponge.
  • Mac Cosmetics Powder Blush in Taupe for contouring.
  • Nars Cosmetics blush in Luster. Luster is described as “sheer golden apricot”, it looks a little brown on my skin but I love  the golden sheen it adds to my cheeks.
  • Hourglass Lighting Ambient Palette, Incadescent Light used for highlighting the top of my cheeks.

Fall 2014 (12 of 22)

Products Fall 2014 (12 of 15)Eyes:

  • Nars Pro Prime Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base
  • Mac Cosmetics Paint Pot in Let’s Skate, which is described as “pale pink”. I got it a few years ago when it first launched as a LE and I have loved it since. I applied it underneath my eyebrow and all over the lid. It shows up on the eyes as the most beautiful iridescent shimmery pale pink.
  • Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow 4.0 in The Next Big Thing. I used a true gold shade in Hoopla all over the movable part of my lid, blending it into the crease and to my lower eyelid, along the lower lashes. Fall 2014 (18 of 22)

Fall 2014 (14 of 22)

  • Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow in 452, which is a burgundy red and I talked about it in my Five for Fall post. Using a small crease brush, I applied it into my crease and to the outer 1/3 of my eyelid and also to the outer 1/3 on my lower eyelid. Products Fall 2014 (13 of 15)
  • Loreal Infallible Gel Lacquer Liner in Espresso applied to my waterlines. You know I don’t go anywhere without this eyeliner.
  • BUXOM Lash Waterproof Mascara in Blackest Black. It’s a new purchase for me but I am extremely happy with it, it makes my lashes a mile long!

Fall 2014 (11 of 22)

Fall 2014 (16 of 22)Lips:

  • Nars Cosmetics Audacious Lipstick in Anna, which Nars describes as a “smokey rose”. The shade is stunning, the formula is flawless. A full review coming up soon!

Fall 2014 (20 of 22)


Nails: Products Fall 2014 (10 of 15)

  • Zoya Nail Polish in Genevieve, which is a beautiful steel grey shade from their Fall Entice Collection.

Fall 2014 (2 of 22)Fall 2014 (3 of 22)How do you like my fall look? Would you wear similar colors? Do you love fall as much as I do?

Thank you for reading and, as always, I am looking forward to chatting with you in the comments below.

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  1. Laarni says:

    So gorgeous! I am jealous of your contouring skills. I am still practicing and been watching youtube haha! That Hoopla is so pretty! My goodness! Love the tone of your photos too! Take care, Agata!

    • Agata Piestrak says:

      Thank you Laarni. Your comments always make me smile. I don’t even consider myself a contouring expert but practice does make perfect.

      As far as the photos, I owe a huge thank you to my talented husband who took those pictures for me.

    • Agata Piestrak says:

      Linda, I’m glad you stopped by and I hope you come back. And it was really kind of Karen to link my post. Thanks Karen!!

      And thank you for all your kind words. So what colors do you like wearing in the fall?

  2. neversaydiebeauty says:

    Yes and yes! I love the look you created! Metallics are my faves, and perfect for fall. I love fall in October, but after the leaves fall in early November not so much 😉

    • Agata Piestrak says:

      Hi girl! Thank you so much. And I agree, rainy cold November- not my favorite. But by then I’m always looking forward to Christmas season 🙂

  3. kwmechelle says:

    I also came here bc of Karen from MBB. She mentioned in the comments that she liked your look, so I had to check it out. I think it’s fabulous! Beautiful look. I’ll be stopping by regularly to check out your site & beauty reviews 🙂

    • Agata Piestrak says:

      Thank you and welcome to my blog! I hope you will be back. You can subscribe to my posts via email below the comments and you can also like my FB page so you don’t miss my new posts.

      Anyways, do you like fall and fall makeup colors?

  4. Sunny says:

    Hey Agata, you captured the spirit of fall perfectly in this look!!! I am not big on fall (because well, COLD), but it is the best season to rock plums, berries, and plummy pinks. For that, I can live with the weather!

    • Agata Piestrak says:

      Hi Sunny. I hate cold and that’s why I hate winter but right now temp being in 50s and high 40s I am fine with cause I can wear scarves and boots and cozy sweaters 🙂

  5. kwmechelle says:

    Yes, I love the Fall. I live in the Southeast & we get all of the seasons. Currently, I’m loving 80’s-inspired sweaters with faux leather pants, military boots, & fitted blazers. Perfect for Fall. I also just ordered Exibit A blush from NARS (being delivered today!) and I’m over the moon about it. It’s a super intense, highly pigmented, BOLD red that looks stunning on deeper complexions. I’m NC50 in MAC for reference. I’ve also pulled out other bold, unconventional colors like MAC Cyber. Yep, this is one girl who seconds your love of all things Fall 🙂

    • Agata Piestrak says:

      Hey. It’s awesome that you like and can pull off bolder colors. You should send me a picture of a makeup look you create with your Nars blush!

      I love fall fashion too. Boots and I’m currently looking for an open front cardigan with geometric print. I have seen them on people and they look great with jeans and boots.

  6. kwmechelle says:

    It just arrived (yippee!) and I just took a pic. I’m not on any of the social networks (IG, FB, or Twitter) but if you have an email address that you use for this site, I’ll send you a pic. Or you can email me & I’ll send the pic. So excited to talk makeup & beauty with a fellow junkie 🙂

  7. Janet Bene says:

    You look beautiful Agata! Very lovely photographs!!!! They capture many different sides to you. Especially loving the 6th one where you are looking off to the side. It looks like you have a secret!!!

    • Agata Piestrak says:

      Thank you so much, Janet. My husband is a really good photographer and I couldn’t do it without him. And that picture you’re talking about is one of my favorites too.

      Do you like fall and do you have fall where you live?

  8. Janet Bene says:

    I agree he is very good. Totally captured your essence! Oh yes I like the fall and we do get fall here in New Jersey. My husband and I got married in the fall. It was the perfect fall day and all the trees cooperated

    • Agata Piestrak says:

      That’s awesome. Fall is such a beautiful time for getting married. Actually, a couple of my best friends are getting married in 3 weeks and I’m in the wedding. And I’m super excited!!

    • Agata Piestrak says:

      Thank you, Jen. And nothing to be jealous about. My hair is really crazy and wavy so I always have to style it and it’s very time consuming. Lol.

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