THE product that changed my makeup life

A photoshop in a box? A product so good that it makes your skin look flawless, just like you came airbrushed out of a photo magazine cover? You might be thinking, I am sure such a product doesn’t exist. Let me correct you, it does and it comes from Hourglass Cosmetics, enclosed in a luxurious looking sleek compact. An absolute star of my makeup collection- The  Ambient Lighting Palette.

Hourglass Cosmetics is a luxurious makeup brand, based in Venice, CA, manufacturing their products in Italy, founded by a beautiful Carisa Jones. Hourglass Cosmetics is known in the makeup world for its innovative technologies and breakthrough formulations combined with the state of art expensive looking, yet classy and sleek packaging.

In April 2013 the brand released a wardrobe of six Ambient Lighting Powders that are said to recreate the most flattering light effects on your skin. Each of the six powders is meant to serve a different purpose but each of them captures, softens and diffuses the light on your skin to create a flawless, airbrushed finish. Since I am a junkie for all new makeup releases, right after the powder collection launched I picked out of the powders (in Dim Light) and I was immediately blown away. Later last year, right before Christmas, Hourglass released a compact of three of those powders, giving you a set of three amazing products that can be used on their own or combined all together to create a multidimensional glow.

Easter (21 of 23) The powder on the left in Dim Light is a finishing powder that can be used all over your face, on top of your foundation. It’s very light peach color, however it doesn’t look orangey on your face. I like to apply it all over my face with a big fluffy powder brush to finish off my makeup. This powder works like magic, it blurs all imperfections, makes your pores and wrinkles disappear, makes your complexion smooth and flawless. To me it really is a photo shop in a box! The powder on the very right is Radiant Light, which is a light golden bronze that I like to use a bronzer or a contouring product. I normally apply it using a bronzer brush on top of my Dim Light, under my cheek bones, on the sides of my nose and to the temples of my forehead to create a barely there sun-kissed look. The powder in the middle, Incadescent Light, is exclusive to this powder trio and cannot be purchased on its own. This one is opalescent pearl in color and it instantly brightens your skin adding that “lit from within” glow. I use it as a highlighter, on the top of my cheeks, down the bridge of my nose and in my cupid bow. Incadescent Light has tiny sparkly particles that look stunning reflected by the light without being glittery or making you look like a disco ball. Easter (20 of 23)All three powders are very finely milled and blend really easily ,they last all day leaving your skin looking natural, glowy and flawless.

The compact itself is rather small so it’s perfect to take it with you on the go and it comes with a big mirror. The packaging itself is stunning as well. The only complaint about this product is the price. The compact retails for 58.00 and when I purchased it, it was a Limited Edition, however Hourglass Cosmetics just announced this palette will be available as part of their permanent collection and in Sephora stores.  I wish it was slightly cheaper, however considering the fact that you get three powders and not just one, I say it’s worth the splurge. I couldn’t recommend it enough and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed but just blown away. An added bonus? The powder trio comes with a small bottle of their famous Mineral primer Veil, which again, is one of my favorite products.

Easter (1 of 23)

Wearing only Revlon ColorStay foundation

Easter (2 of 23)

Wearing Revlon ColorStay foundation with Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting powders

There you go, my secret to a flawless looking skin is releaveled and now you can try it too. If you do, please let me know if you love it as much as I do. Below you can find a comparison picture of my skin wearing just the foundation in the picture on the left and all three mentioned powders on the right. Can you tell the difference? Do you have any makeup products that changed your life? Any makeup gems that you couldn’t live without? Do share!

Agata, the founder and the editor of Her and Makeup.

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  1. Marina says:

    I recently purchased the Sonia Kashuk Make a Face 4-piece brush set(it’s limited edition for Spring 2014) and I’m in loooove! They’re super cute and perfect for contouring or just basic powder/blush/bronzer application. The flat sculpting brush is a dupe of NARS sculpting brush. It’s good quality brushes at a fraction of the cost.

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