What Happens In Vegas, Doesn’t Always Stay in Vegas.

wpid-imag4108.jpgIf you are ever looking for a place for a short vacation with your loved ones or friends, where time doesn’t seem to matter, drinks are cheaper than water and, the night lights and the cityscape are mesmerizing, Las Vegas is the place to go!

2 weeks ago, me, my husband and a couple of our friends went to Vegas for our 5 day vacation. It was my second time in Vegas and since the first time was a blast, I was really looking forward to it!


Las Vegas, at night.

We stayed at an MGM property hotel called  The Signature at MGM. Our room was beautiful and spacious, with a little kitchen, huge bathroom with two sinks, a shower and a jet bath tub. The window view during the day was nothing special, however at night it was terrific!


Me and my best friend Sarah- a mandatory selfie!

I am not a big gambler myself but I enjoy going to different casinos, checking out their interesting architecture, little shops and amenities. And I just like the ambiance of the casinos,the sound of the slot machines. People seem to be worry-free, it doesn’t matter if it’s day or nighttime- everyone is just having a good time! People watching is my favorite entertainment -I love seeing the diversity of outfits and looks, from barely wearing anything at all (yes, seeing topless girls in Vegas is not a rare thing), through casual jeans and t-shirts to fancy elegant sparkly dresses!


New York, New York at night.

The majority of the biggest and newest casinos are located on Las Vegas Boulevard, also called The Strip.  It’s nice to walk down the Strip, from one casino to another and check out different shops and take in all the attractions. There is a 4 story M&M store or Hershey’s Chocolate World where you can buy Hershey Kisses in every color imaginable or a jumbo size bottle of their famous chocolate syrup. Vegas is probably one of few places in the world where you can carry an alcoholic drink in the street and not get in trouble for that. That’s why seeing people carrying 4 feet long drink vessels filled with frozen boozy concoctions is a usual sight. Also, Vegas is the only place where within walking distance you can find yourself in New York, Paris, Rome or Venice.


The Canal at the Venetian Hotel

The Venetian Hotel and Casino is my favorite, I love the canal and gondolas, fancy fresk paintings on the ceilings. And the hotel is also adjacent to the best Sephora I have ever been to! It’s a giant store, carrying every brand possible, very well stocked and organized and it even has its own DJ!


A Sephora store at The Venetian Hotel.

When in Vegas, seeing one of their numerous shows is a must! Last time I was there, I went to see a Cirque Du Soleil show “Love, The Beatles” and it was the best show I have ever seen. This time I picked another Cirque show called “Ka”. The plot of the show was a little hard to follow but the stage, lights, dances and acrobats were phenomenal. The way the stage moved horizontally and vertically topped with inside fireworks, use of shadows is hard to describe but it’s a must see, in my opinion.

Since nobody has endless amounts of money to gamble, we also wanted to do some other activities.  One day we took a trip to The Red Rock Canyon and went hiking. The views were spectacular, the weather was perfect and it was a nice change of scenery for a day.


The Red Rock Canyon.

We also splurged on the best (in my modest opinion) dinner buffet in town, The Wicked Spoon inside The Cosmopolitan Hotel. The buffet is quite pricey but the variety of food you get is totally worth it. All the dishes are served in  mini size cute containers and you can taste things like truffle mac and cheese, vanilla infused beet salad and the best desserts including tropical gelato served in mini-size waffle cones.


Delicious foods at The Wicked Spoon buffet.

The same night, a very unfortunate thing happened to me as I sustained a knee injury, my knee got dislocated. A trip to the ER by an ambulance was necessary and after copious amounts of meds and sedation, my kneecap was popped back in place and my leg’s been put in an immobilizer that I need to wear for the next 4 weeks. A souvenir that nobody wants to bring back from their vacation. This unexpected turn of events, made the rest of the trip less enjoyable for me and I was looking forward to going back home. I spent the reminder of the time poolside, relaxing and getting my tan on!


The poolside view from The Signature at MGM.

Despite the injury, my vacation was still a success, I had a great time and I enjoyed the company of my friends. It was also fantastic to escape the cold Michigan weather and enjoy some sun and 70 degree temperatures.  If you’re ever looking for a fun vacation spot, even if you’re not a gambler, the Sin City is definitely a place to go. It offers entertainment for everyone and it’s a place like no other.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this slightly different kind of post! Have you ever been to Vegas?

Happy first day of Spring! I am so glad it’s finally here. Have you noticed the little spring touches added to the logo banner on the blog? 

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  1. Laarni says:

    Hihi. I am glad you posted about your trip to Vegas. I thought you’re not gonna talk about it here! I love reading at least 1% of a blogger’s personal life. And sorry to know about your knee injury. That sucks! 🙁 But I hope you’re feeling a lot better now. I wish I can go to Las Vegas too! Top less girls whoahhhh!

    • Agata Piestrak says:

      I like reading about bloggers’ personal life,but when it comes to me I am always hesitant since it’s a beauty blog.

      I am feeling slightly better but it will take a long time to recover, unfortunately. I had a similar injury 4 years ago.

    • Agata Piestrak says:

      Lol, I didn’t know topless girl would draw so many comments. There were some other interesting “outfits”, like a girl wearing white lace short with no underwear and a top with no bra showing her boobs…Different strokes for different folks! But if you go to Vegas, I am going with you again!

      70 F is about 21 C degrees so it was warm but not uncomfortable!

  2. neversaydiebeauty says:

    It’s been several years since I’ve been in Vegas. I love going there. I don’t gamble either, but I love visiting all the different properties. And I adore hiking in the Red Rock area. Last time we hiked there, it was 100 degrees! So happy you had a fun time!!

    • Agata Piestrak says:

      Wow, 100 degrees- that would be insane for hiking! I am scared of heights so we didn’t go very high but it was still very picturesque. You sound like my kind of Vegas companion 🙂 I bet I would talk you into going to every Sephora store!

  3. Sunny says:

    Haha that new banner is cute! So sorry to hear about the knee tho. That sounds painful 🙁 I’ve never been to a casino and I wouldn’t know how most card games and so on work. If I end up in Vegas, I’d probably spend most of that time shopping!

    • Agata Piestrak says:

      Hi Sunny, thank you for noticing the banner 🙂

      I don’t play any card games either (I could probably play Black Jack but you have to bet more money than I’d be willing to spend) but slot machines are fun and you can play penny machines if you want to stretch your money. Some of them are fun because they have fun bonuses and free spins. Having said that, gambling has my attention usually for not more than 20 minutes!

      But there are so many other things to see in Vegas,the shops are amazing, there is a lot of free shows you can see in the street too! I think you’d like Vegas!

  4. Kishia says:

    Very sorry about your knee. But a HUGE Sephora with a DJ? YES, please! Did you buy anything from Sephora while there? Gots to be great if they have every brand imaginable. I always hate it when the Sephora stores near me don’t sell from a brand that I’d love to test-drive, like Guerlain (sp?)

    • Agata Piestrak says:

      Hi Kishia, yeah my knee is a bummer! I would have gone back to Sephora to buy a few things but I never got a chance after I injured my knee. They even had Guerlain, I asked for a sample of the Baby Glow 🙂 They already had the Nars blushes in store and a giant MUFE counter with a separate makeup station and MUFE makeup artists.

      • Kishia says:

        I would’ve been in heaven! As an aside, I went to the Sephora closest to my house to play in the NARS Panic Dual Intensity blush but they didn’t have it. They only had 3 of the blush compacts. I may go to the location that’s furthest from me since they have it in stock.
        I’ve also got a MUFE blush on my list. It’s M-928, I believe. It’s purple & beautiful. I’ve been wanting a purple blush to add to my stash. I played with it in the store, but wouldn’t you know it, they were out of it. Hope you take it easy and have a speedy recovery 🙂

    • Agata Piestrak says:

      Hi Natalye! Thanks a lot, what are your favorite things to do/see in Vegas? Maybe you will give me some recommendations for next time!

  5. Kiss & Make-up says:

    I’m so sorry your vacation was cut short because of the injury 🙁 Stoopid knee! But yeah, I agree, Las Vegas is awesome! I stayed at Luxor a couple years ago. I remember the heat, lol. It was SCORCHING hot.

  6. kristen @ glambunctious says:

    Aw! I’m so sorry about your knee injury, but man, that pool looks like it wasn’t too bad of a place to rest and recover! I loved reading your post; it was like a travel log and it made me feel like I was there! I’ve never been Vegas, but I love the western US/desert states and know I’d love it there. Also, seeing Love, The Beatles is on my bucket list! I love The Beatles and Cirque, what a perfect combination! 🙂

  7. kpsays says:

    First of all, I’m sorry you got injured on your trip, and hope you are doing better!

    My husband and I eloped to Vegas and got married at the Excalibur on New Years Eve (back in 1997, before all the luxurious casinos!). We partied at New York, New York. Hubby rode the roller coaster. Not me!

    I love Vegas! I have been several times since then (always stay at the Venetian – my fave hotel there!!!). I love to gamble, love the shows, people watching, shopping, and the heat! We are so humid here in Georgia, it is nice to have dry heat!!!!

    I always enjoy reading more personal posts from my blog friends! This was great!

    • Agata Piestrak says:

      Wow, what a fun story, Karen!!

      I love Venetian too, I love the interior of the hotel and all the stores and the canal and the Sephora store, of course! I loved the Nevada weather too!

      My knee is not doing that great, turns out I will need a surgery :-/ but thank you for asking!

  8. Carla @ Blush Parade says:

    I absolutely adored Vegas, and I’m not a gambler. But I’m a shopper, and there are amazing shops there hahaha. Also it’s really fun going through all the hotels, seeing the different decorations! They are like little worlds. I stayed in the Caesar’s Palace and it was amazing. Would really want to go back. It’s even worth is just for the Bellagio fountains!

    My boyfriend and I always joke and say that if we ever get married, it will be at Vegas… and dressed as Batman and Robin. I want to be Batman of course. LOL.

    So sorry about your knee Agata, I hope it’s getting better! /hugs

    • Agata Piestrak says:

      Vegas lovers unite! Ceaser’s Palace is such a beautiful place and all the Forum Shops…You could leave me there for a day and I’d be absolutely happy with that!

      You should totally elope and get married in Vegas! Come visit me afterwards! Have you been to other states in the US?

      My knee is still not great, waiting for a surgery in fact :-/

      • Carla @ Blush Parade says:

        Oh maaaaan that sucks about your knee! Sorry to hear 🙁

        I’ve been to Los Angeles (including Anaheim, I was in a geek convention – BlizzCon), then we went up the road to San Francisco (I absolutely ADORE that city) and Vegas. That’s all for now, but I want to go back at some point!

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