My Great Polish Vacation

Her and Makeup has been a little MIA over the last week but I swear, I have a good excuse. I took a trip to my home country, Poland, to visit my family and friends. I was looking forward to this trip since I hadn’t been home in 2,5 years and I missed everyone over there  a lot but I was also a little anxious since so much had changed over that period of time.

The most important part of that trip was meeting my niece, Kornelia, my sister’s baby girl, who is 9 months old and I was privileged enough to attend her christening and to be her godmother. I am usually not the one to get gush over babies, but I fell in love with my niece right away. She is so cute, funny and friendly and I already miss her so much. Of course, it was wonderful to see everyone else, my friends, my family, even my students from back when I used to work as a teacher. And the funny thing is that, most of the time, it felt like I saw all those people a few days ago and like I had never left.

Before I left for Poland I was trying to pack my makeup bag carefully, not to overpack but bring everything I would need since I wanted to make sure I’d look my best! That means I took way too much! 15 lip products (mind you, I was going there only for 9 days), 4 eyeshadow palettes ( and although I used each of them, I would definitely be fine with taking only 2), at least 5 single eyeshadows, 3 face primers, 3 different finishing powders and more….Next time, I have to remember to bring only half of that, especially if I am going to bring some new products back!

As a beauty junkie, I was also looking forward to checking out all the beauty stores and drugstores in Poland and see what products are available there, but not in the US. There are two major beauty stores over there, Sephora and Douglas. Sephora turned out to be a bit disappointing with their range of products. I noticed that American brands like Benefit, Bare Minerals and Makeup Forever took over, leaving other Polish brands, especially in the skincare department, mostly disappointing and poorly stocked.wpid-imag1286.jpgwpid-imag1285.jpg Douglas was a much nicer experience as they carry a lot of brands that are not available in the US (or are hard to get) like IsaDora, ArtDeco, Collistar. Here are a few pictures of their displays. wpid-imag1305.jpgwpid-imag1306.jpgwpid-imag1307.jpg

Of course, I couldn’t help myself and purchased a few bits and pieces that I am going to review soon. I bought some eyeshadows, a beautiful duochrome eyeliner, some nail polish and the most gorgeous bronzer/blusher palette from Collistar, which was a LE and it just looked like something I must have in my collection! Isn’t it stunning?Polish Makeup (2 of 5)

Polish Makeup (3 of 5)

Collistar Antonio Marra Collector’s Edition Bonne Mine Effect Bronzer- Blusher in #1 Verona

Polish Makeup (4 of 5)

Dr Irena Eris eyeshadow duo, Bourjoius 1 Second Volume Mascara, Inglot nail polish in 390, Inglot eyeshadow, IsaDora Duochrome Eyeliner

I also purchased some skincare products, mostly micellar waters from 4 different brands, as I know they are not available in the US and they used to be a staple in my skincare routine when I still lived in Poland.  Polish Makeup (1 of 5) I also got some body products and lots of clothes and jewelry and the cutest pair of shoes! Polish Makeup (5 of 5)

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed this little overview of my Poland trip. I cannot wait to start testing the new products and I will review them for you soon. Anything you’re interested in seeing first? Do you have any favorite makeup brands that are not available in your country and you wish they were? I’d love to hear from you and as always, thank you for reading!

Agata, the founder and the editor of Her and Makeup.


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