Beauty Influencer’s Sunday Column Vol.7: How has your makeup style changed over the years?

bisc-ft-vol7-fteGood morning and happy Sunday! And Happy Mother’s Day!

Today me and the girls from BISC are chatting about how our makeup has changed over the years. Hope you enjoy reading our answers.

How has your makeup style changed over the years?

BISC Vo.7 Authors

MELISSA | Switzerland | Kiss & Make-up
When I first started wearing make-up as a young teenager I only wore some black eye pencil and a wash of grayish green eyeshadow. I must have worn that same look for like a year! And then I entered my gothic phase. Yep, I’m talking heavy eyeliner and black Avril Lavigne-style panda eyes! I thought I was such a badass, lol. Then when I went to college I got into my colorful phase and started experimenting with face make-up. And then finally after collage I started to develop my current make-up style: smokey eyes with a subtle lip.

KRISTEN | USA | Glambunctious
In a way, it really hasn’t changed that much!  I’ve always focused on the eyes.  In high school, I wore a shimmery lavender eyeshadow and in college, my go-to look was a bare lid with a swipe of metallic black liquid liner (found the exact Physician’s Formula one I used to have here).  It wasn’t until my late ’20s that I started using shadow again daily, and thanks to blogs and YouTube, discovered new application methods like using 3 different shadows on the lid to create dimension. Shadow, liner, and mascara still feel most like makeup “home”!

SUNNY | Belgium | Mostly Sunny Blog
I got into makeup with the hype of the original Urban Decay Naked palette. I was introduced to wonderful inventions like eyeshadow primer and gel liner at around the same time, so for quite a while eye makeup was all I wanted to wear. Then at some point, I discovered the joy of bright lipsticks and I haven’t really looked back since! I still do different looks for the blog, but in real life, my signature look would be neutral eyeshadows, winged liner, and a bright lip! It doesn’t have to be a full-on opaque formula, but it’s probably bright!

LILY | Malaysia | Chloe Ash
When I first started, I was all about the sheer nude lip. I was really bad at eye makeup so I learned and practised every day. Now, I’m more experimental. I love my smokey eyes of different shades, but I’ve always been a neutral girl at heart. So all different shades of brown and taupe it is. Recently, I love a clean flawless base, liquid liner for a small cat eye flick and a bold lip – orange, coral, dark reds and berries. I think when I get bored, I’ll change again. That’s why makeup is fun!

AGATA | USA | Her and Makeup
My makeup style has changed dramatically over the last years. I used to be a one shadow, one blush, one lipstick kind of girl. I kept my makeup simple and neutral, wearing the same makeup every day. Over the years, my makeup skills have improved and I learnt more about using products and applying them to my advantage. With the improved makeup skills, I also started to be more adventurous in terms of colors. Although neutrals are still my favorites, I have no problem wearing a pink or blue eyeshadow, rocking a red lip or a purple blush.

ALICE | Belgium | Alice Yeh
Looking back at old pictures, I spy a face generously dusted in bronzer and eyes lined with liquid eyeliner from top to bottom. Now I’ve learnt to embrace my features – the good and bad ones. Bronzers are now used light-handed and eyeliners are kept very thin with a flick tailored to the shape of my eyes. Oh, and I ditched the eyeliner on the bottom waterline altogether – I look so much fresher and natural now. Make-up mishaps are part of the journey so never stop experimenting, and embrace foremost the beauty you were born with.

LENA | USA | Lenallure
I’ve enjoyed refined and posh makeup styles for many years. I am not really into difficult techniques or something that requires too much time, etc. To me, a makeup style has to be simple and practical to function for me. For that, mine hasn’t really changed in concept. Color wise though, I used to sport purple/blue smoky eyes with light pink/nude lips almost everyday, but now I prefer light neutral smoky with bright lips. Also, lately I’m keenly interested in natural luminous base.

JAA | Thailand | Hello Jaa
I only started wearing “real” makeup 4 years ago! Before that, it was only a bit of mascara and sheer tinted lip balm. In 2010, I began experimenting with neutral eye makeup, sheer blush, and soft pink lips to create my very own “minimal” makeup look. When I started Hello Jaa in 2013, I became more adventurous with colors. I probably wear neutral eyes as much as I wear smokey eyes nowadays. I also like to experiment with foundation and concealer. Lip color still remains in the nude, pink and coral zones, though! I rarely wear bold lips unless I’m going out to a party! :)

What about you? Is your makeup style still the same as it was 10 years ago or has it changed? As always, you’re welcome to share your thoughts in the comments below!

the founder and editor of Her and Makeup.


    • Agata says:

      I was exactly the same- I would have one subtle pink lipstick that I used all the time, for every occasion. Then my mom bought me a coral lipstick and that became my favorite.

      And thank you, I do feel like my skills and makeup application knowledge has evolved a little but there is still so much to learn! Who would have thought a year ago I’d be contouring my cheeks with a TAUPE blush!?? 🙂

  1. Sunny says:

    Hey Agata, hurrah for better skills and being adventurous! It’s funny how we went from being happy with about 10 eyeshadows to still wanting more when we have 100! But you know, they are all there for different purposes :p

    • Agata says:

      Oh, of course they are all different 🙂 When I started wearing makeup I had one brown eyeshadow from Max Factor that I would rebuy over and over. It wasn’t until years later that I trid different shades and it only went downhill from there, lol.

  2. Denise says:

    I loved this post! It’s true, we all have phases, and changing makeup is part of that! I used to wear more makeup when I was 20, then changed to nearly no makeup for many years and for some time again, I am wearing a bit more. And I know I will change again, cause this is life, always changing!

    • Agata says:

      Hi Denise and thank you for stopping by and taking your time to comment!

      That is very true, change is a part of life and it is inevitable and I love seeing how other people makeup style changes as well! In my early 20s I took makeup for granted- my mom has always worn it so I wanted to but I only went for basics. So much has changed since then, lol. What makeup products do you wear these days?

  3. Lisa @ Midwest Glam says:

    It really is crazy how much has changed over time. I used to stick to just foundation and mascara. But I did have my phases where I wore just one lipstick and unfortunately for me it was a black/brown shade lol. I also got into the really dark/thick eyeliner at some point. Even now I look back on some of my older posts and cringe a little. But hey all that matters is that we have fun with it, ya know?

    • Agata says:

      Hey Lisa, that’s very true- having fun with makeup is the most important part. And I think everyone looks back and cringes. I look at some pictures with my eyebrows being way too dark and I think to myself “What the heck was I thinking?” When I started wearing makeup, I also, for some reason, always wanted my foundation to be darker than what my sister was wearing. In my mind it was somehow better so I think I bought a foundation that was way too dark for me before 😉

      How old were you when you started wearing makeup?

  4. Shireen L. Platt says:

    I had a beauty awakening in 2013 so frankly, I am very new to the beauty scene! Previously I am the girl who owned only 1 of everything, yes, one mascara, eye liner, lipstick, blusher, eyebrow pencil and foundation. That was it! No highlighter, no concealer, nada and then 2013 hit and boom, now I have too much of everything. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Agata says:

      That’s interesting! Before I moved to the US (so before 2010) my makeup was pretty minimalistic too- and I had one of everything too (with the exception of a few eyeshadows). I am not quite sure why it changed so much and what started me on reading beauty blogs. And although it’s resulted in a makeup collection that’s bigger than needed, I have also learnt so much!

  5. Zovesta says:

    I love hearing how much makeup style changes with each person over the years. Personal tastes change! I love how pretty much everyone seems to love to nestle into the nude makeup look haha.

    Boy… I started wearing makeup when I was about 12. Back then I wore bright, hideously blended eyeshadow, and exactly two shades of lipstick: a very dark brown, or a very dark purple. After about two years I really got into the Geisha look and started whiting out my face, but the eyeshadow and lip colour stayed the same, except then I made my lips really tiny and round. A few years after that, black cat eye, red lips, and I wore mascara for the first time and quickly made it part of my routine.

    Nowadays I try mostly everything, but I still can’t bring myself to go full on nude… don’t think I could leave the house like that. I rarely go for the black cat eye + red lip combo unless I’m doing something unique, as I’ve gotten bored with it, and to be honest I don’t think I’ve worn dark brown lipstick in years.

    Silver lips + long outlined but not filled in cat eye + silver glitter eyeshadow and contoured cheeks = the go-to look when I can’t think of anything else.

    • Agata says:

      Wow, you have been through quite a few phases then, I love that! I don’t think I have ever been into anything super crazy- maybe a super muted pink lipstick that made me look like a ghost but that’s pretty much it!

      Silver lips? That sounds interesting- you need to show me a picture!

      • Zovesta says:

        Hah, I feel you on the ghost pink lips! I actually still wear those sometimes… it’s so fun to go bold once in awhile.

        Sure, I should upload that look soon anyway, as I feel tomorrow is a day I’m going to feel lazy haha.

    • Agata says:

      Hi Nati, thanks so much for stopping by! Jenny is such a sweetheart!

      What makeup are you using now? I am guessing it’s more than concealer and mascara? 😉

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