Beauty Influencer’s Sunday Column Vol. 18: What’s the worst thing anyone has ever said to you about your blog and what was your reaction?

bisc-ft-vol18e-ftWhat’s the worst thing anyone has ever said to you about your blog and what was your reaction?

BISC Vol.18 Authors

MELISSA | Switzerland | Kiss & Make-up
No one has ever actually said anything bad or mean about my blog – at least not to my face – so I guess I’m lucky! However I did once receive an anonymous email saying that bloggers like me who review products that have been sent to them for free are sell-outs and that blogging about something as trivial as make-up and beauty makes me superficial and fake. I didn’t let it get to me though. I just hit ‘delete’ and forgot about it. Until now, that is, so uhm, yeah, thanks for that, Jaa 😛

ANNE | Germany | Linda, Libra, Loca
To be honest, only a few selected people in my personal life know that I blog, which is probably why I rarely face negative comments. After all they are friends and family and supposed to be supportive, no?

In an argument, Mr. Loca once told me he couldn’t understand why “Someone as intelligent as I would waste my time on something as superficial as writing about makeup” (my father would probably agree on that), but after we got past the slamming doors part, he apologized. Beauty may be superficial to some, but it is so much more than makeup.

ANGELA | Canada | Do Want Makeup
I don’t know if anybody has said anything negative to me about my blog, to be honest! People tend to be curious rather than critical. Bf has told me that I come across much more cheerful/happy on my blog than I actually am in real life, but I think that is more of a comment on my personality than my blog… ಠ_ಠ  My reaction: of course I’m more cheerful on my blog; I get to talk about stuff that I love and excites me!

LILY | Malaysia | Chloe Ash
My experience is very positive, thank heavens. I have received some emails before, saying that I’m ugly and really, I’m secure and mature enough to laugh it off. I don’t know why, but it just cracked me up. I remember a fellow blogger say that you know you’ve made it when you get hate mails. Hahaha! In all seriousness though, my genuine readers have been awesome. I get chats on Facebook, Twitter and even emails, and they’re the sweetest people on earth!

AGATA | USA | Her and Makeup
I have never had anyone say anything really bad or hurtful about my blog so I consider myself lucky! However, one of my friends, after he found out I had a beauty blog, said to me that I became so vain writing about lipsticks and makeup. It was a little hurtful but I explained to him that a beauty blog is more than just writing about makeup, it’s a way of expressing your creativity and connecting with other wonderful people who share the same interests as you as well as passing your knowledge and skills to others.

RAE | Canada | the Notice: a beauty blog
Honestly, no one’s ever said anything really terrible about my blog to my face… But hey, who knows what they’ve been saying behind my back! 😛

JAA | Thailand | Hello Jaa
Back when I first started Hello Jaa (only a month into it I think), someone commented publicly that I was trying to be like Temptalia and told me to “be original”. I was slightly upset (since I would never copy anyone ever) but decided to just brush it off. I know what I’m doing and I think over time I have proven that Hello Jaa has its own style in terms of writing, format, and photography. One time I was also told that I used too many English words in my Thai translations so I’ve been improving on that and trying my best to translate every word into Thai. There is also a thread mentioning that my reviews can’t be trusted because I came out of nowhere and started reviewing all these expensive makeup. Trust me, I always disclose when I receive product samples! Other than that, everyone else has been really nice to me and my blog. I’ve even become good friends with so many of my readers. :)

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

the founder and editor of Her and Makeup


    • Agata says:

      It is. That comment I got was a high school friend and I hadn’t talked to him in years. I think that’s why he said “What happened to you, Agata? You were so intelligent and now you write about lipsticks?”. Fortunately, I still feel smart and don’t really have to convince anyone that it’s the case.

  1. carolinapage says:

    I’ve only been blogging for a few months, so I haven’t received any negative comments, yet. I think it’s more likely to happen when a blog is really successful and people get jealous!
    My family and friends have been even more supportive than I thought they would be when I told them I’d start a beauty blog. I guess that those who really know me also know that I’m not vain and that doesn’t change based on what I write about! If people that don’t know me think I’m superficial, I don’t really care.

    • Agata says:

      I agree with you Carol, the bigger the blog, the bigger the negativity I am sure. I am glad your friends are family are supportive. People who know me well do know I am not vain and that a beauty blog is more than just makeup! And I think they know I am not superficial.

  2. Shireen L. Platt says:

    I have to agree with Melissa, some people will never get it regardless how we explained it. But dang, if someone called me out for being vain because I write about makeup, I honestly have no idea how I would react but I would need some time to calm down because answering. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. Lulle.Beaumiroir says:

    I can’t believe so many people dare say that beauty/makeup is vain and superficial… Is football not incredibly useless? Yet are sports bloggers being judged as vain? I don’t think so! That angers me a lot!
    Anyways, I’ve never received a particularly negative comment, at least not that I can remember (some people who though I was unfair when I criticized a product they liked, but nothing really stands out). I don’t think it would really affect me, everybody’s entitled to their opinion and I’m comfortable with what I do.

  4. NatasjaEPB says:

    What a silly comment to make. Everyone has their interests. Some appreciate sports. Others are passionate about makeup. Does it really matter? You’re investing in yourself and your interests. No need to justify that! 😀 Keep it up!

  5. Zovesta says:

    People are so insecure! As if having an interest that is female in any way immediately makes you vapid? You shouldn’t have to prove your intelligence to anyone, anyway. I like how people can take pride in things like their skill in sports and it’s just seen as being normally self-confident, but if you take pride in your looks after putting effort into it, you’re vain. 😛

  6. Laarni says:

    Agata, I am going to use your words when I am in a same situation as yours. I did get a couple of hurtful comments from my old blog (i can’t remember though) but I just ignored and deleted them. I don’t have time for negativity in my life!

    Also, I’ve never thought that Jaa was trying to be Temptalia. That’s ridiculous lol. Jaa’s writing style is so different from Temptalia, in my opinion.

    Loving all your answers, girls! I hope to join next time! xoxo

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