Beauty Influencer’s Sunday Column Vol.20: What’s your most memorable beauty mishap?

bisc-vol20-ftWhat’s your most memorable makeup mishap?

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RAE | Canada | the Notice: a beauty blog
My most memorable makeup mishap? Oh, dude.

Let’s set the stage: this year, I started wearing Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color in my brows. I store all of my liners and brow products standing up point-down in a tin together, so it lives next to agorgeous green Lise Watier liquid liner that happens to have similar packaging…

Long story short, one bleary morning, I gave myself half of a very vivid, very green eyebrow before realizing my mistake, and now I double-check all of my pen-type products before putting them to my face!

AGATA | USA | Her and Makeup
I was trying really hard to come up with the answer for this week’s question and I searched my memory really deep. I came to a conclusion that I usually play safe with my makeup because I don’t really recall any makeup mishaps. The only one I can think of is when I was 18 or 19 years old my mom got me for Christmas a beautiful shimmering powder from a Swedish brand Oriflame and since I didn’t know any better (before the times of strobing and highlighting), I used to apply it all over my face, like a regular powder. I can only imagine what my face looked like, all shimmery and shiny like a disco ball! Fortunately, I don’t have any pictures to remind me of that!

ERIN | USA | Clever Girl Reviews
I’m pretty sure I’ve never had an epic mishap! Back in the 80’s and 90’s I wore too much powder, that’s for sure!

ANNE | Germany | Linda, Libra, Loca
The one time I left for Mexico and forgot to close my foundation properly before throwing it in the suitcase! I was left with no foundation for my face and no clean clothes, ready to start a three weeks road trip…

As far as application is concerned, probably assuming that Kleopatra-style eyeliner in teal is the right thing to wear to school for a 17 year old Blonde.

My parents surely believed in personal freedom to let me leave the house like that!

MATROMAO | Philippines | FoodWorldMe
I can easily think of the pink-toned BB cream I used to wear back in college. I was all for following the Korean beauty trend without first taking into account my own skin tone and skin type. The white cast and the color mismatch are obvious in photos, so I don’t do a lot of throwbacks to that period.

MELISSA | Switzerland | Kiss & Make-up
When I first got into make-up I was still blissfully unaware of the importance of blending, so I would just apply my eyeshadow without smudging or sheering it out at the edges. Needless to say I looked very panda-esque for a while. And then I also committed some serious beauty crimes when I first started using foundation. Let me tell you, finding the right color took a lot of trial and error. Heck, even now it’s not always easy to get the shade just right. Foundation is one tricky sob!

JAA | Thailand | Hello Jaa
This happened to me very recently! It was a very important day but I didn’t plan enough time to do my makeup in the morning. I decided to do a quick and simple eye makeup using the least amount of products possible. I’m usually very careful about what I use to tightline but on that day for some reason I just used the very same glittery liner that I just used to line my upper lash line to tightline, too! Long story short, it was a long and exhausting day of constantly trying to remove the glittery bits from my contact lens! My eyes also watered really badly the whole day!

How about you? Are you guilty of any makeup mishaps? Please, do share and have a great week!

the founder and editor of Her and Makeup.


    • Agata says:

      Lol, you crack me up Shireen! I think all of us are guilty of some foundation mishaps. It’s a good thing have learnt some things since then!

      I have a Maybelline stick foundation but I cannot make it work either for some reason.

    • Agata says:

      It’s funny that we don’t really notice that something looks off on our face, especially if we go for the same products every day. I think every girl went through an orange foundation phase at some point 🙂

  1. Zovesta says:

    You know the worst possible mistakes you could make when starting to wear makeup? Yeah, I did that, and worse. LOL. I had some weird phases… like genuine ’80s blue-green-yellow-red sideways gradient eyeshadow up to the eyebrows paired with dark brown lipstick (this would have been 2008!) and an almost pure white ghostly face…

    So weird! Thank god I had a supportive and tolerant mom or else I would have been discouraged and stopped wearing makeup altogether. 😡

    Agata, though, omg, I just love to imagine you coming down a grand staircase, hand on the banister, looking super elegant and chic (probably with brown eyeshadow)… and a total disco ball face. That’s such an innocent mistake though!

    Cleopatra teal eyeliner sounds totally my style though, let’s me honest.

  2. themakeuptrain says:

    When I was 13, I had a patch of eyebrow which grew by itself away from the rest of my brow. I decided to get an eyeliner pencil and connect the two, Bad idea. Lol. I made Bert from Sesame Street look like a supermodel hahaha!

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