Become Your Own Perfume Designer with Fragrance By Me

In today’s world customization is everything. You go to Starbucks and customize your coffee (double shot on ice with pumpkin spice syrup, please), you can order a handcrafted engagement ring, you can have clothes tailored and you can hand pick your perfect eyeshadow palette.  Cuztomization allows you to be unique and gives you a sense of exclusiveness.

Like each of us, scents are also very unique. Different smells bring different memories, they remind us of people and places, they evoke strong emotions. Scents are very personal and that’s why very often picking a fragrance for someone else is a challenging task, even if we know that person very well.

In the past I got to create my own perfume  and I absolutely loved that experience. So when I was contacted by Fragrance By Me to try out their custom made fragrances, I didn’t hesitate even for a second.

fragrance by meFragrance By Me is a new, internet based perfume shop, in which you get to be your own perfumer. It was created by a group of fashion and beauty lovers who always wanted to design their own scents. To create your own fragrance you need to complete a few easy steps.

First, you search the website’s database and pick 3 designer perfume names that you already love. I usually go for scents that are heavy and oriental with a touch of floral notes.

Based off your picks in Step 1, in Step 2 the website recommends notes to you that you can use while creating your own fragrance. For me the notes were sweet, powdery and sweet floral.

In Step 3 you get to pick up to three main notes.

In Step 4 you pick the undertone notes (that are also based off your preferences from Step 1).

Step 5 is where the magic happens. Fragrance By Me creators mix 3 samples of perfume for you that get sent to you. The first sample is based strictly on your picks and preferences. Sample 2 and 3 are suggested combinations, that are similar to Sample 1 yet they have some subtle note nuances that the people creating your fragrance think you might enjoy.

fragrance by me The Starter Kit retails for $20.00 and contains 3 samples (each sample is a size of a standard perfume sample you can get at Ulta or Sephora).  After you try them at home, you can order your favorite one for $40.00 (for a 0.5 fl oz bottle) and you can also name your fragrance if you wish so.

It all sounds quite fun, doesn’t it? How was my experience with creating my own fragrance then? Let me tell you. The process itself was very easy and simple to follow, the Fragrance By Me website is easy to navigate as well. The only problem I encountered was the fact that not every perfume that I wanted to pick in Step 1 was present in their database. The samples were sent to me pretty quickly and they came in a cute cardboard packaging with a Fragrance By Me logo tied with a black bow. The size of each sample was just perfect and it allowed me to wear each fragrance twice. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked each of the samples and how long they wore. Funnily enough, sample 1, which is said to be the closest to what you pick, was not my favorite. I quickly fell in love with the amazing notes of sample 3. The only other thing that I’d love to see is the breakdown of all the notes that each of the samples contains, just for a feature reference and to satisfy my own curiosity. fragrance by me

Overall, my experience with Fragrance By Me has been very positive. Creating your own fragrance and being your own perfumer is pretty fun. The best part is that you can do so from the comfort of your own home and that you don’t need to know anything about creating fragrances. You just pick what you like and all the customizing is done for you.

If you’d like to try Fragrance By Me you can check their website and let the experts help you create your own fragrance and indulge in the scents you love.

Have you ever created your own perfume? What scents do you usually wear and do you own any customized products? If so, what is it? Do you think you’d enjoy creating your own perfume?

the founder and editor of Her and Makeup.


    • Agata says:

      Yup, the process was extremely simple and took less than 5 minutes, I think you could handle it! Do you usually wear perfume?

      I haven’t ordered the full size yet and I am trying to think of a good name. Any suggestions?

  1. Lisa @ Midwest Glam says:

    That’s awesome! It’s so cool how we both went with different samples. I loved the one I created myself. That’s why I think it’s cool that they create 2 others that they think you might enjoy.

    I love your polish by the way!

    • Agata says:

      Your blog was the first place I read about Fragrance By Me and I loved the concept from the very beginning! And that’s the beauty of fragrances, everyone has such a unique taste and preferences. Have you ever ordered the full size bottle?

  2. Siouxie says:

    Z przyjemnością czyta się Twoje wpisy po angielsku Agata – masz piękny język i wielki szacun za to, że jako Polka mieszkająca w USA piszesz dla anglojęzycznych czytelniczek! Buziaki!

  3. Ivana says:

    This sounds fun, ware you happy with the smells that you got? I only use o e perfume for several years hahaha this is to much out of my comfy zone hahahaha. 😀

  4. Lulle.Beaumiroir says:

    Now that’s an interesting concept! I don’t think I have any talent for creating fragrances, so I never buy kits where you can mix different scents. But here they send you not only what you designed, but also variations with similar notes created a real perfume artist. That makes all the difference for me, and I’d love to try it!


    • Agata says:

      Here you don’t really need to know anything about fragrances and you start with samples so it’s not like you are risking a whole lot. What is your current favorite perfume?

    • Agata says:

      Do you have any fragrance that you really like at the moment? I am quite picky about my perfume but yet there is always a new fragrance I fall in love with!

  5. coatandcoffee says:

    This is such a cool concept! I don’t wear perfume too often unless I am going out, which is never because I live at home haha. If I did I would totally try something like this. It sounds really fun. BITE Beauty has a similar experience where you can create your own lipstick shade. Love that all these brands are getting so hands on these days. Have a great week lady!


    • Agata says:

      Hi Emily, thank you for stopping by! I’d love to create my own lipstick with Bite Beauty, especially considering how amazing their lip products are! Have a great week as well!

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