Play! by Sephora October Unboxing

October in Ohio this year is absolutely beautiful. The temperatures are still on the higher side but the leaves are already falling off the treas and the array of colors is just unbelievably gorgeous! And I can’t believe we are only 2 months away from Christmas. It also means holiday beauty sets are out!

Anyways, speaking of October, I just got my Play! by Sephora box filled with quite a nice selection of products. This month’s theme is “The Cool Cut”, meaning the products selected for October box are revolutionary products from “indie” brands that are supposed to become the next big thing! I was really happy to get all 6 products that I have never used before.

Starting with skincare, the first sample I got is an Erborian Bamboo Creme Frappe. For a coffee addict like me, put a word “frappe” in the name and I am already sold. The product itself is a moisturizing cream with a gel-like formula. It can also be used as a primer.  I used it this morning and it felt really nice on my skin. Erborian is a Korean brand that has recently launched a bunch of products at Sephora and just from looking and reading about them on the website, they seem quite intriguing.

The second  skincare item I got is a Farmacy Skin Dew Mist, which is a refreshing facial mist that can also be used as a setting spray. Farmacy is a New York based company that uses plant ingredients in their products.

In October Play! by Sephora box I received two lip products.  One is an Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick from Smasbox in the shade Driver’s Seat. I love, love, love the shade- it’s rusty reddish pink, which is just perfect for the fall. It’s supposed to be waterproof and last for 8 hours, however on me it didn’t really survive through eating dinner. It also felt a bit drying on my lips. I love the shade, the formula-not so much.

I also received another lip product that I was very excited about- The Estee Edit By Estee Laude Flash Photo Glossimage It’s a clear lipgloss with blue pearl particles, that can be worn on its own or over a lipstick and it’s supposed to make your teeth look whiter in pictures. Although I really like how shiny it is, I think the “teeth whitening” part is a complete gimmick. Maybe I just need to look at it in better light.

This month’s perfume sample is actually the first scent I was really excited to see because I have smelled it before and I really like it and I would gladly purchase a full size bottle. The perfume in question is Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris. It has fruity, floral and oriental notes that make for a sweet, yet intriguing fragrance.

Lastly, a hair product- Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Prickly Pear Seed Oil. I have never heard of this brand before but Mr. Robin is, allegedly, a renowned French hair stylist and colorist.  The hair mask is said to strengthen your hair while protecting hair’s color and enhancing its shine. The sample is quite a decent size, which is always a plus!

This is my October’s Play! by Sephora box. I am really happy with it, I love this month’s skincare products and I was very happy to see brands that are less known yet offer innovative products.

What did you get in your Play! by Sephora box this month? Have you ever used any products from Erborian or Farmacy? Let me know it the comments below.

Until next time, stay warm and enjoy beautiful fall colors!

the founder and editor of Her and Makeup.



  1. Lisa @ Midwest Glam says:

    Oh wow looks like we got some different items. We got the same Smashbox lipstick, the Farmacy, and the Estee Lauder products. The others are different. Sorry to hear the lipstick didn’t work out. I haven’t used mine yet.

    • Agata says:

      I wonder if it will last better on you. It’s strange because a few weeks ago I tried that Smashbox lipstick on at Ulta, in a different shade, and I was very impressed with it and with how long it lasted on me. I wonder if it’s just the sample that wasn’t so good. I think that shade will look fantastic on you though.

  2. Lulle.Beaumiroir says:

    Oh wow, I received completely different products, the only one we have in common is the Smashbox liquid lipstick! I really like your box, but not mine unfortunately… The brands you received are a lot more exciting.


  3. themakeuptrain says:

    There are some great products here! I’m intrigued by that moisturizing cream/primer by Erborian. The “frappe” description initially made me wonder if the product contains caffeine, but it appears to be arbitrary. (And I probably just have coffee on the brain, too. lol) That lipstick is also beautiful! I’m surprised that a liquid matte lipstick like that didn’t hold up a bit better, especially since it turned out to be drying at the same time.

    • Agata says:

      What is funny though is that i tried on that lipstick at Ulta, in a different shade and I was really impressed with it. I was even thinking to myself that if I ever go to a special event, that’s a lipstick to wear because it lasts so long. Maybe just the sample lacked quality.

      Are you a big coffee drinker? How do you like your coffee?

  4. Natasja says:

    I’d love to lipstick and chill if chilling means exactly chilling haha 😀 Chilling is life! The content looks good! I wish I had easier access to a Sephora, but I suppose it’s a good thing I don’t… I’d be even more broke than I am now 😀 if that was possible haha. Driver Seat looks like a color I’d like to try myself, btw!

    • Agata says:

      Hey, I think Driver’s Seat would look gorgeous on you. Living close to Sephora is a big problem and enabler! Girls at my local Sephora know me already cause I go there so often!

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