Polka (dot).

Recently I have been obsessed with everything polka dot. Ok, not just recently, maybe for the last year. Such a fun print! Polka dot dresses, tops, cardigans, shoes, scarves…If it has polka dots on it, I will most likely want it and wear it. Aquatic (1 of 17)Aquatic (16 of 17)Aquatic (15 of 17)b

How to incorporate that pattern in your daily beauty dose? Nails! As simple as that. Aquatic (4 of 17)

Aquatic (5 of 17)
I created this fun manicure using a creamy beige color as a base (Zoya Chantal) and added two colors of polka dots closely stamped on the outer edge of each nail. I picked purple and green colors (Purple one is Zoya Odette, green- Essie Where’s My Chauffeur) to create the dots. Aquatic (2 of 17)To make them even I used a dotting tool (I purchased mine off Amazon for less than $2 but if you don’t wanna splurge/ don’t have those handy you can also use the end of a bobby pin). The result? A fun, yet elegant manicure that I get compliments on everywhere I go! The best part is that this design is really easy to create and it doesn’t require any particular art  skills. Do try it at home!

Agata, the founder and the editor of Her and Makeup. 


    • Agata Piestrak says:

      Thank you, Melissa. Polka dots are definitely fun. This Zoya collection is one of my favorites, great colors. And thank you so much for leaving a comment!

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