Her and Makeup Turns 3

Her and Makeup is no longer a baby, it’s a toddler now! 3 years ago today I published my first blog post (which got only 1 comment!) I was so proud and happy to share my love and passion for makeup with other people, to teach them tips and tricks about applying makeup, introduce new products to them. And I am very proud of all the work and time I have put into this blog. If it wasn’t for you, my readers, I would have probably quit a few times already. But your views, comments and friendships I have made in the last 3 years mean the world to me and I want to say I appreciate each and every one of you! Without you, Her and Makeup couldn’t exist.

I thought that in order to celebrate the blog’s 3rd birthday I will bring back the most popular posts from the last 3 years. Here they are:

2014- My Sephora Makeover

2015- 6 Things you need to know about the $6 NYX Intense Butter Glosses

2016- A Wedding Guest Glam With a Touch of Sparkle

Once again, thank you for being here!

Do you remember your favorite post on Her and Makeup? What kind of posts do you like to see the most on here?

Here is to (hopefully) many more years of blogging to come!

the founder and editor of Her and Makeup.




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