These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Reliable. That’s something I have been looking for in my beauty products recently. Since I have resigned from my work-from-home job, I need to get ready every day and I need to do it relatively fast. Therefore, the products I am going to talk about in today’s post have been super handy and reliable.

Without further ado, please meet my 5 recent beauty loves:

  1. Mac Cosmetics Prep+Prime Fix+ SprayWhere do I start? This spray is an amazing multitasker. I use it to spray my face before applying makeup in the morning. I use it to damp my Beauty Blender a little bit, to apply my eyeshadows wet, to spray my brush for highlighter application. Recently Mac also re-released the LE scents of Fix+ and I stocked up on my favorite Coconut scent and a Rose one.
  2. Talking about Mac…a few months ago when the Work It Out collection launched, I stopped at a Mac counter to get a mini makeover and the MUA who did my makeup used the Mac 109 brush in almost every step of my makeup- to blend in my foundation, to apply  bronzer and to apply my highlighter. Naturally, I c0uldn’t resist not purchasing it.  I love its dense yet soft bristles for setting my powder under my eyes, for contouring and for blending in my liquid highlighter. I think this brush is a must have in everyone’s makeup bag!
  3. Too Faced The Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette. I have originally talked about this palette here and I already mentioned how much I love it. I want to mention it again because I LOVE LOVE LOVE it so much. It stays on my makeup desk all the time and I honestly reach for it almost every single day. The shades are work appropriate, offer a variety of finishes, they apply effortlessly and that scent..I swear, it’s totally addictive!
  4. Lipsense by Sengence. A few months ago a lot of my Facebook friends started posting about this “kiss-proof, smudge-proof, wear all day” lip product called Lipsense. Having tried almost every long wearing lip product on the market, I know that although some lip products, especially the matte liquid ones from Sephora Collection, Stila or Kat Von D can last a pretty long time but they are not perfect. They always leave a stain on my teeth, they are very drying, they leave a mark on my coffee cup and they wear off unevenly.That’s why I was quite skeptical to try Lipsense. I thought it was yet another Facebook/ Instagram fad that just doeasn’t work in reality. But I wouldn’t be a beauty blogger if I didn’t try it for myself. I purchased my first Lipsense from my photographer, Amanda. I picked a shade that would be appropriate to wear as a teacher. I picked a peachy-pink shade called Luv It. And guess what? Lipsense is not just a fad, it is truly amazing. It needs to be applied in 3 layers and topped off with a moisturizing gloss in orders to seal the color. But it lasts hours, I can kiss my boyfriend without having to worry about leaving  a mark on his cheek, I can drink my coffee without being embarrassed about leaving a ring of color on my cup. I really really love Lipsense and it’s been pretty much the only lip product I have been wearing to work! Razzberry (a beautiful hot pink shade) is my favorite shade though and it’s a perfect dupe for Mac’s Kelly Yum Yum.  Below you can watch a short video on how to apply Lipsense.

    Lipsense sells for $25 and comes in 36 beautiful colors, the gloss is $20. I am really thinking of becoming a wholesale distributor just to get a discount!
  5. Shu Umera Straightforward Time-Saving Blow Dry Oil We mostly know Shu Umera for their beautiful makeup but they also make amazing hair products.  I don’t  post about hair products too often because I switch them a lot and I constantly try new things. This Shu Umera Blow Dry Oil though is amazing and I purchased it immediately after my hair stylist used it on my hair. It speeds up the process of blow drying my hair, makes my hair super soft and easy to manage and it smells amazing. You spray it on toweled dried hair and viola- it works its magic! It is pricey, $39.00 for 6.25 fl oz but it’s worth every penny, trust me!

What products have you been loving lately? Are there any other Mac brushes that I should add to my collection? Have you heard or tried Lipsense before? Would you like to learn more about it? If so let me know, and I will do a separate post about it and the Sengence company in more detail. For the time being, please share your current favorite products with me- beauty or non-beauty related.

the founder and editor of Her and Makeup.


  1. Amanda says:

    Love the video tutorial on applying lipsense! Glad you love it Agata! I would love to have you join our team. In the meantime if anyone is interested in ordering feel free to like my Facebook page Pretty Little Lippies by Amanda.

  2. shireenplatt says:

    I love the video, Agata and it’s so lovely to hear you speak! I too have read about Lipsense and like you I am under the impression that it’s just another silly fad so good to know that’s not!

  3. carolinapage says:

    It’s incredible how the Lipsense didn’t come off when you rubbed your fingers across your lip mere seconds after applying it!
    And you got me intrigued with that Shu Uemura oil!

    • Agata says:

      I was really skeptical about trying Lipsense, I thought it was another marketing scheme but it really works. Senegence, the company who makes Lipsense is an international company so you might be able to find a distributor in Italy. It is really life changing. I pretty much stopped wearing other lip products because nothing wears long enough.

      I know that Shu Umera makes facial cleansing oils too but this blow dry oil is awesome.

    • Agata says:

      Oh thank you! I know setting sprays are a big thing now so Mac was really ahead of their time with Mac Fix Plus. And the coconut one smells so good! It will be re-released with special packaging for their Tropical summer collection 😍

    • Agata says:

      Lipsense might be available in Germany too because Senegence- the company who makes it is an international company. I’m so bummed when I wear other lipsticks now and they wear off so quickly or when I smile and I see lipstick on my teeth. That doesn’t happen with Lipsense. I really like it.

    • Agata says:

      Lipsense is amazing. I was really surprised when I tried it and it actually worked as marketed.

      That Shu Umera oil is super good. I love that it speeds up blow drying my hair!

  4. Lulle.Beaumiroir says:

    I own very few MAC brushes, but I really want to get some of their eyeshadow brushes!
    I haven’t tried anything from your favorites, except for the Fix Plus.


  5. The Sunday Mode says:

    I’ve heard some serious claims about the smell of that sweet peach palette, everyone makes it sound amazing! I don’t actually have any shadows from Too Faced in my collection anymore so maybe one day I’ll suss out one of their palettes…

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  6. Lisa @ Midwest Glam says:

    Awww you need to do more videos! 🙂

    I had to get the new Fix + scents too. I got the rose and coconut. They need to make those permanent.

    My faves at the moment: Peet’s Coffee Cafe Domingo K-Cups, my new Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in I’m Shook (I’m convinced it’s my perfect shade), IT Cosmetics Confidence In Your Glow in Instant Nude Glow, and I still can’t stop using the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette.

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