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Being a beauty junkie, I have to admit, I have a hard time staying loyal to the same products for a long time. Of course, there are some staples in my makeup and skincare routine that I use regularly and have for quite a while but, in all honestly, I am always on the lookout for newer and better things. That’s why in today’s post I am bringing you my 5 current beauty obsessions.

1. 5 Loves (2 of 7)Eveline Cosmetics Firming& Smoothing In- Shower Lotion with Aragan Oil. As much as I love putting on makeup, applying facial treatments I absolutely hate moisturizing my skin and I usually skip applying a body lotion after  a shower. It just takes too much time and I am not a big fan of the greasy feeling on my skin. That’s why this Eveline Cosmetics In- Shower lotion is a perfect product for someone like me. After you wash your body, you apply the lotion into your damp body, massage into your skin and when you’re done you simply rinse it off. Very easy and as a result your skin is super smooth and soft to touch. If you’re not sold yet, the smell of Aragan Oil will definitely convince you. The scent is divine and it actually lingers on your skin for a good few hours. The only problem is that I got it in Poland and although the brand does have a US website, this lotion doesn’t seem to available on the site yet. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will change soon!

2. Loreal Paris Boost It High Lift Creation Spray. 5 Loves (7 of 7)Who doesn’t like thick, lifted hair that’s full of volume? I know I do! My hair is naturally rather thick, however the longer it gets, the less volume it has and I don’t like that. I bought the first bottle of this spray a few months ago and I have been using it since. I’d call it a combination of a dry shampoo with a hair spray. You spray it onto your hair roots for an instant volume and lift. After I spray my hair I usually wait a few minutes, comb my hair and that’s when its magic begins. Although it’s a hair spray, it’s very light and it doesn’t clump. You can’t really tell you have any product in your hair. A bargain friendly price tag is definitely an added bonus ($5.99, I just bought a new bottle on sale for $3.99)

3. 5 Loves (3 of 7)Becca Cosmetics Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector. Apparently, the name of this post should be “5 things with ridiculously long names that I currently love”. Lol. Anyways, this one was an instant love for me. I got a deluxe sample of it at Sephora and I have been using it since. Basically what it is, is a face primer that you apply before you put on your foundation/powder etc that’s supposed to make your pores invisible, mattify your skin and extend the wear of your foundation. And it does work flawlessly, my makeup stays put and my face is oil-free all day long. I think it’s a great product for the summer and for the wedding season. I am definitely going to buy a full size of it.

4. Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder. 5 Loves (4 of 7)So here is a confession, I bought this powder right after it launched back in December of 2013 and I thought it was just ok so I kind of put it aside and forgot about it and went back to using my Chanel Loose Powder. Recently though, I decided to give this powder another go and I was super impressed. It makes your skin look perfectly polished and smooth, it doesn’t accentuate dry patches on your skin, doesn’t settle into your fine lines and to be honest, you can’t even tell it’s there. It provides a seamless coverage without looking cakey. The powder comes 5 different shades.

5. Jergen’s BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream. 5 Loves (5 of 7) A beauty balm for your body? Color me curious. The cream is supposed to let you experience 5 signs of beautiful skin in just 5 days of use. It’s supposed to hydrate, brighten, even out, firm your skin and minimize the appearance of skin imperfections. Ok, when I bought this cream I didn’t, even for a second,  believe that it would work and do all of the above so I initially purchased just a trial size, however  from the first use I was positively surprised. The cream adds a little bit of tint to your skin (I mostly use it on my legs), it is hydrating, it makes your skin smooth and it does blur imperfections. Will it make your scars or cellulite disappear? Most likely not. It will, however, make those annoying enlarged pores that you get after shaving  less visible. It retails for $12.99. Not your cheapest body cream but, in my opinion, it’s most definitely worth the price!

There you go, my 5 current beauty obsessions are revealed. Now it’s your turn. Do you have any beauty products that you’re obsessed with right now? I’d love to hear what they are.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you’re enjoying the warm, almost summery weather,
Agata, the founder and the editor of Her and Makeup.

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  1. Milka says:

    Ziaja – their Med series – anti wrinkle creams with super high SPF (50) for active people (preventing sun discoloration), or their night creams fighting already existing discoloration.
    To be honest everything by Ziaja.
    Lirene ideale – day and night cream for 35+.
    Gliss Kur for highlighted or colored hair – spray conditioner – as you can use it on dry hair.

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