My Nail Care Routine

My name is Agata and I am a nail polish hoarder. My nail polish collection exceeds the selection available at any nail salon and I most likely have enough bottles to last me a lifetime (or even longer). I love doing my own manicures and I like how your manicure can make a statement, it can reflect your mood, your personality. It is also an easy way to accessorize your look or coordinate your outfit. In today’s post I am sharing with you my nail care routine, all the steps that I follow to ensure that my nails are healthy, well maintained and that my manicure doesn’t chip and lasts a long time. I hope you enjoy this short video! Do you have a nail care routine that you follow? Do you use a base coat and a top coat or do you just apply your nail polish and call it a day? Do you have any tried tips on how to make your manicure last longer? I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Agata, the founder and the editor of Her and Makeup. 


  1. Dee says:

    Thanks for the tips Agata.I think my biggest issue is that I like to peel my nails when Im on the phone:s And I’m on the phone A LOT . I only very recently started using cuticle clippers ( I used to use the one that kind of has a groove that you can run your cuticles through). The first time I used them I think I went a little nuts with the clipper…took me weeks to get my cuticles back in shape:( Darn addictive little clippers heh.

  2. Agata Piestrak says:

    Kissandmakeup, what do you usually do then? Do you just apply nail polish? What are your current favorite shades?

  3. Agata Piestrak says:

    I work as a phone interpreter so I am on the phone all day too, fortunately I don’t have a habit of peeling my nails :) Maybe if you use a good top coat the nails won’t peel off that easily? I love using cuticle clippers but you need to be careful, they can be dangerous when very sharp!

  4. Heidi says:

    I do base and top coats which help a lot. Also making sure the nail is dry — no moisturizer or oil on them before polishing. I found that really extends the manicure.

  5. Agata Piestrak says:

    That’s very true about your nails not being oily before applying nail polish. that’s why I always use the nail cleaner.

  6. Kiss & Make-up says:

    Woops, I never saw your response to my comment :-) Well, I just apply a base coat, paint my nails, apply a top coat and that’s it. And sometimes I file or cut my nails, but I don’t do it regularly, just when I have to.

  7. Catherine Dream says:

    I’m guilty of forgetting to REGULARLY apply cuticle butter (bad nail blogger!), but I have a good homemade cuticle oil, which I apply after every mani, so it KINDA counteracts my forgetfulness on the cuticle butter front… ; ) Gotta work on that!
    Love the little vid!

  8. Agata Piestrak says:

    Hi Catherine and welcome to my blog! What kind of homemade cuticle oil are you using? What are the ingredients?

  9. Catherine Dream says:

    I’m glad I found your blog! : )

    Oh, it’s my own concoction, I use a COLD-PRESSED jojoba oil among other ingredients. : ) It really works WELL, I’m surprised. I have a recipe somewhere.

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