Dipping my toe in the waters of beauty blogging

Here I am writing my number one, first ever own blog post! Starting this blog has been a dream of mine for quite a few years now but I have always felt that with so many beauty blogs out there, I would have no way of competing with most of them, my writing would never be unique or inspiring enough. And while it still might be the case, I feel like I should give it a go and share my passion with other people, makeup junkies, family and friends.

I have always been passionate about beauty and makeup. While for some people makeup is just a part of their every day routine or something that they do only for special occasions, for me every makeup application is a new experience, a ritual, it’s a way of accentuating my beauty, emphasizing my best face features but most importantly it’s creating art. I see my face as a plain canvas that can be painted using the right colors, products and correct tools. Just like a painter, I have supplies that let me create a unique piece of art. For me every makeup application is fun, it’s a play with colors, it’s a way of expressing my mood, my feelings, it’s a chance to create something that others will notice and admire.

Anyone who has ever met me or talked to me knows that I can spend hours and hours talking about makeup, most recent beauty releases, the latest eye shadow palettes, a new collection of nail polish or new lipstick shades. I can spend hours strolling down the aisles of my local Ulta store or Sephora, looking at all the makeup, testing the colors, smelling new perfume. On top of that I will spend hours researching those products online and reading reviews of other bloggers. (Here is a big thank you to Karen from Make Up and Beauty Blog, my guru makeup blogger whose unbiased reviews, commitment and creativity inspired me to start writing this blog.) My makeup collection is probably bigger than anyone else’s I know. I have more eye shadows that I can use, the lipsticks and lip glosses could last me for a lifetime and while for some people having so many beauty products may seem like a waste of money I am very proud of my collection and I hope to share it with my readers.

I am not sure at which point in my life I turned from a girl who just liked her makeup to an obsessed makeup enthusiast who became hooked on reading beauty blogs, watching makeup tutorials and vlogs and absolutely having to buy at least one piece from a newly released MAC collection. And I am not sure either when exactly becoming a makeup artist became my dream, however, with time I started to notice that my friends would turn to me if they needed a beauty product recommendation, advice on how to use a certain product, which makeup item is a hero and which one is a zero. I have also had a privilage of doing my friends’ makeup for some special occasions and they have always loved it and people compliment my own makeup all the time. I have no beauty or cosmetology training, all my skills are self- taught, and the chances are that I will never be a professional makeup artist or a famous beauty guru but this blog gives me an opportunity to ramble about makeup with no guilt or spamming my friends’ Facebook feeds and to write about something that I feel passionate about. I hope that my opinions, tutorials and product reviews will help my friends and readers and will inspire them to play with makeup and learn something new and maybe next time they go to a drug store to pick up a new mascara they will say “Hey, isn’t it that special sillicone brush mascara that Agata was talking about on her blog?I better get it, she said it’s great!”. I hope that reading this blog and looking at the looks I create will bring as much joy to my dear readers as writing about it brings to me.

Please, remember that for me it’s a just a beginning but any comments, suggestions, words of encouragement or criticism are very welcome and greatly appreciated!

Enjoy reading and thanks for stopping by!

Agata, the founder and editor of Her and Makeup 



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